Use image search to sell more product … off catalogues

What if your customers could buy products directly off your catalogue using your mobile app in seconds? Without having to leave their lounge room or having to browse to the website.

In this video, we have taken the Hawthorn Football Club merchandise catalogue to demonstrate how our SNAP2BUY technology can be a simple and convenient way for members to buy merchandise right off this catalogue, in just THREE TAPS, on their phone.

The solution is easy to implement for your business and can increase the return in investment from your catalogues instantly.

AR in financial services for member engagement

Here’s a concept that gives superannuation funds a new way of impressing, engaging and communicating with its young members.

Through the use of mobile technology they can create a new communications channel, that young members appreciate and respond to. Ping relevant messages to the app frequently. Send statements to the app. Campaign to the members via the app. Improve response rates.

AR in the classroom


The Jackson School in Melbourne is for children with special needs. Mr Mathieu Marunczyn, the eLearning Teacher, introduced the Microsoft Xbox Kinect game console into classrooms to great success.

Mat found that Autistic children responded favourably to the stimulus provided by the Xbox games. These children, who once found it difficult to engage with teachers and fellow students, were leaping out of their chairs to play the games on Xbox. The change in these children was simply incredible.

We approached the school and asked if we could partner with them to develop education programs for the teachers and their students on the AR framework and using the Kinect for Windows device.

Much to our delight, the school agreed and have provided us with teaching material on ‘Analogies‘. This is our very first project, that we will develop and test with the school.

Here is Aaron, from Jackson School, demonstrating how the Grip, Grab, Move, Release functionality works for one section of an Analogies game lesson using Kinect for Windows. This was tested with the students from Jackson School, Warringa Park School and Southern Autistic School, the results of which will be posted on this website.