VR Technology

What technology does VR use?
Accelerometers use VR as it is used to determine forecasts in the coming weeks. You never know what is going to happen but you may as well dive into the action and get a taste of it. If you do that, you are going to be prepared for what is to come in the coming years. Motion sensors also use this technology in order to track the movement of the head and legs of people. It is not easy to get used to it but time will come when you will be able to master what it is all about.

How does VR technology work?
It puts the user into a fictional environment that the person will get to interact with. It will look pretty real but it is done so that it is close to the real thing but it is not. The user can do a lot of things he or she would do in real life. For example, if it is a car racing game, you can feel like you are actually driving a real car while interacting with fellow racers. There can be several players in one VR game and you will all be having the time of your lives. imagine spending a dozen hours playing that game because you know you are in the middle of something special.

What is VR good for?
VR can be used in sports as a way to improve the skills of each player without the involvement of actual players. For example, a basketball player is looking to improve his jump shot but wants it to be all about the form. VR Technology can be used to attend live sporting events so that you can feel that you are actually in the event itself even though you are at a faraway place. As a sports fan, that would be a huge blessing in disguise as you can cheer your favourite team on as it will feel like you are actually there with the crowd reactions and the closeness to the players.

Another use for VR would be in schools where students can take virtual field trips to the nearest museum without actually being there. Believe it or not, that is going to save a lot of time for them. Students can also use the technology to interact with their classmates even though they are at home sick with the flu. If they want to be at school listening to the teacher, that will allow them to do so. Medical students use VR to practise on fake patients. Hence, there would be no need to practice on real-life patients since students are prone to making mistakes which is normal. Hence, you can’t really blame yourself for something like that.

What are VR and AR technology?
Augmented reality technology often starts out with editing what is already taken by a camera or a smartphone then putting something there. For example, you took a picture of an ocean. You take your picture then put it in the ocean to make it look like you are actually surfing there even though that picture of you is from another beach. It would give you that sense of achievement even though that is far from reality.

Is VR dangerous?
There are some people who reported experiencing nausea after wearing the VR headset for a pretty long time. Dizziness can actually happen if you get pretty addicted to it. Thus, don’t spend too much time doing VR as too much of something is bad enough. One or two hours of doing it can be fine so your head won’t ache in any shape or form. It is also possible to get an anxiety attack once you get too addicted to the game which you can’t blame yourself because it is pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

What are the two main types of virtual reality?
The first is non-immersive which can be commonly seen in a flight simulator so that you would not need to be in the flight itself. The second is web-based so that you can be at the comforts of your home or wherever you prefer to be and experience the VR technology wherever there is an Internet connection.

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