Use your smart phone to extract audio visual movie from still photos

Fujifilm has recently introduced a technology to extract audio visual movie from still photo by smart phone.

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This miracle technology is realized by “Augmented Reality” technology.

After taking audio visual movie, smart phone user download application soft and print out still photo.

Afterward user can watch audio visual movie turning smart phone to still photo.

This amazing service was introduced in launching ceremony of “Wonder Photo Shop” of Fujifilm in Harajuku Tokyo on 5th February.

Core structure of this service is simple. Application soft which is downloaded to smart phone connect to server playing audio visual movie.

But this service will accelerate communication scene in daily life because one still photo provide more enjoyable audio visual movie for concerned persons.

According to Fujifilm, smart phone spread to more than half of the population in Japan. In an estimate, young women in their 20s take average 500 photos annually.

Instant printer for smart phone which is released recently by Fujifilm is becoming top trend in Asian countries.

Those innovative products are developed by precise marketing analysis and merge of latest technology and established technology.

“Wonder Photo Shop” in Harajuku will be prosperous as experiencing place of Fujifilm progress.

It is open to ASEAN and India.

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