Project Tango by Google offers AR shopping experience

Google recently unveiled Project Tango at the Google I/O Developer Conference and confirmed a partnership with aisle411, which offers in-store 3d maps for retail chains.

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In a statement, aisle411 co-founder Matthew Kulig said that they are going to use Google Project Tango to help shoppers to find the exact product locations in store without any difficulty.

Shoppers are going to get a rewarding experience in the retail environment with this functionality.

What could you do with it?

Project Tango technology can show the exact location and orientation of the users by creating 3D maps of indoor areas. By leveraging this new technology and incorporating it with its inventory searchable indoor maps, Aisle411 is helping out the retailers to make their customers’ shopping experience helpful.

Users will be able to search and navigate their way to the products they are looking for, in a 3D augmented reality world inside the store, using the combined solutions of aisle411 and Project Tango.

The in-store mobile marketing platform of aisle411 can help users to find out personalized coupons, rewards and offers that “pop out” of the store’s shelf while they are moving along their route. Users will also be able to collect loyalty rewards as they walk down the aisle.

Project Tango

Project Tango is the result of the effort that has been taken by multiple partners which include research institutions, universities, etc. The concentration was on the use of this technology in a mobile platform.

Mobile processors’ performance has increased significantly and they can be used by the consumers for their benefit.

Big retailers like Walgreens are going to use the new Project Tango technology in different locations in the coming months. This will provide the consumers with attractive in-store experiences and a unique 3D augmented reality indoor map experience as well.

These new retailers will be joining the league of over 12,500 retailers across the United States that have benefitted from the inclusive in-store mobile marketing platform technology of aisle411.

The combined solution of these two amazing technologies is bound to help the retailers as well as customers and provide them with a wonderful experience.

What do you say?

What do you think of Project Tango and the aisle411 platform? Would you find this useful? Do you think this will help the retailers?

Share your views in the comments section.

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