Now experience AR in mirrors

You might have heard about the use of augmented reality in various sectors but have you ever imagined experiencing this amazing technology through mirrors in your living rooms or bedrooms?

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Well, now this will be possible with the Cybertecture Mirror. With this mirror, your reflected image will be augmented to provide you with digital content. It might sound like a magic mirror that we read in fairy tales but it is way advanced than that. The mirror has been termed as a “reflective window into a digital life”.

How does it work?

The Cybertecture Mirror works in a passive as well as active mode. It is controlled using a remote control. If you want, you can also use your smartphone along with the remote for making augmented reality work on it. When in passive mode, it will act as a normal reflective mirror, but when it is in active mode, you can get a lot of functions from it.

What can you get from the Cybertecture Mirror?

A surprising yet interesting thing about the Cybertecture Mirror is that it is connected to the Internet and it augments your reflected images with different meta data. The variety of data includes weather updates, news bytes, updates on social networks and even messages on your inbox.

That’s not all; you can even watch a TV program on your mirror. With this innovative AR product, you might end up getting fitter as it can act as your personal trainer too. It provides you information on the condition of your health when you stand in front of it.

Specifications of the Cybertecture Mirror

The mirror has been developed by James Law and consists of a 32 inch LCD display. The display has a fog resistant mirror of 37 inch attached in front of it. It runs on a Linux operating system. A LAN or Wi-Fi is used for Internet connection.

A wireless peripheral sensor pad is there in the Cybertecture Mirror which acts as the source of health related information that you will get. The pad calculates and displays health data like muscles mass, percentage of body fat, body weight and bone mass.

So, if you want to get a mirror which will act as your health trainer as well as information provider and also as a normal mirror at other times, you can get your hands on the Cybertecture Mirror.

What about you?

Do you want to get Cybertecture Mirror in your home? What other features would you like to be in this mirror? Share your views in the comments below.

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