Market a product that doesn’t yet exist

Sounds like a challenge right? Well, it may in fact be a lot simpler than you think.

In today’s incredibly fast-paced world, combined with the need to stay ahead of competitors and consumer demand for innovation, brand and product, companies often find themselves needing to accelerate product launches to a pace that far exceeds that of a traditional launch cycle.

Often marketing campaigns need to be developed simultaneously to product development.

This has a domino effect and can create a real dilemma for ad agencies and marketers alike, as it leaves little time to develop compelling marketing material that includes photographs of the finished, shelf-ready product.

As marketers and advertisers, you might relate or have been in a similar situation, where you are dead-set on launching a product to market when in fact it, the actual product, doesn’t even exist.

So what to do in this scenario of needing to market and advertise a non-existent product?

Luckily modern technology and design innovation have come to the party and this is where the 3D rendering and animation of products becomes an invaluably powerful tool. It eliminates the need to wait for a factory-produced prototype to professionally shoot in studio, thereby allowing you to develop the final marketing material long before product is physically placed on the shelves.

In addition to this, along with the advent of augmented reality software, you are able to further enhance the visualisation of product and design in-situ scenarios to illustrate product placement on shelf or how the marketing material will play out across different platforms.

These are great when it comes to presenting to and impressing clients, as well as gaining approval for roll-out. We are seeing the use of augmented reality internationally increase as a tool to deeply engage respondents or brand owners with compelling simulations of product, which goes a long way in allowing marketing to happen simultaneously to product development.

While 3D has been around for many years, the technology and software used to create it, is rapidly advancing, allowing for faster workflows and more realistic outputs. Hence the reason that it is becoming more common for marketers to use 3D renders of products, rather than the traditional pack shot.

How is it simpler than you think?

3D render

At AustAR Labs, we make marketing a non-existent product simple by catering to the evolving needs of marketers to simulate and design products well before they land on shelf and in customer’s hands.

Our specialist 3D team has experience with a varied list of subject matter ranging from 3D product and pack renders through to abstract 3D art, visual simulation, augmented reality and animation.

“The rendering service that seems to be in demand and the one that our clients require the most is product and pack renders”, says Steve Thakur, CEO of AustAR Labs. “The brief is usually to render up various concepts as to what a product or its packaging will look like in order to take these into the research for testing purposes followed by finished renders for marketing material.”

The advantage of 3D rendering a product and reason that agencies and marketers find this service so useful is that one can develop a number of different iterations rapidly as well as cost effectively.

Through assessing how these renders are received, and by making necessary adjustments, you eventually land with an exact visual representation of the product and what it will look like before it is manufactured and shipped to shelf.

“It is a win-win situation”, says Steve, “All of our customers are really happy with what product simulation has enabled them to do by saving time and money and accelerating the process of developing and marketing of the product.”

Do you need help in marketing a product that doesn’t yet exist?

For more information get in touch with us today.

Our 3D rendering team works closely with advertising and marketing agencies to assist with any 3D visualisation and/or animation requirements.

Our design services offer these services:

  • Print-ready product artwork prior to the product being manufactured
  • Detailed visual representation and guidelines for accurate production
  • Visual representation of product functionality and unique features
  • Ability to achieve perspectives of products that are not possible with traditional photograph
  • Cost-effective compared to photography – no need for photographers, studios and stylists
  • Fast turnaround times from initial brief through to brief amendments and final delivery
  • Limitless creative ideas and artistic executions, your imagination is the only limit
  • Augmented reality offers a real time in-situ scenario to reflect upon for advertising and production decisions

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