Lacoste’s AR app boosts in-store shopping experience

Lacoste S.A., the French sportswear brand has launched an app that uses augmented reality to enable customers to virtually assess what a shoe would look like when they wear it, eliminating the need to physically try them on.

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The app uses an in-store Point of Sale technology to bring interactive 3D product models of Lacoste’s new “LCST” range on smartphones with iOS, and Android operating software.

Shoppers can get a view of what the trainers would look like on their feet by stepping on a picture on the floor. The app then shows various details about the size, and dimensions, along with suggesting other products in the same range.

For those who wish to consult their friends, the app allows customers to share the image via social media. Once they are sure about their choice, they can buy the shoes directly through the app.

The downside of the app is that it cannot give shoppers the “feeling” of trying on shoes, and does not allow them check if they are comfortable enough to buy.

Most people prefer the in-store experience of buying shoes because it gives them the opportunity to try them on, and the new app takes away this feature by presenting what the shoes look like in a picture.

The new app aims to target the millennials who are always on the “go,” and would love to use an app that saves them the hassle of physically trying on shoes.

It is expected to hook the Gen Y with the new LCST trainers which offer colorful, and bold trainers to suit their preferences. The LCST app uses AR to provide shoppers an easy way of checking out the new trainer range without having to wait for a shop assistant or take the time to take off their old shoes.

This is not the first time Lacoste has integrated smartphone technology with its promotions. In 2012, Lacoste added a QR code to its print ads, and enabled customers to purchase the collection from its e-commerce store with a QR scan.

This year, for Father’s Day, Lacoste invited fans to post a picture of their fathers wearing a Lacoste polo shirt, and sharing it with the hashtag #CelebratingDad.

The LCST AR app comes with its pros and cons, but it seems to be a good attempt by Lacoste to introduce their new range to the young generation.

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