Three taps to buy your products – mCommerce of the future is here

Add MOBILE to your sales channels with our game-changing technology

A lightening-quick and convenient way for your customers to access and buy your products through your very own mobile app

This new and exciting technology:

  • gives your customers a quick, new & convenient way to buy your products on their phones or tablets (in just three taps)
  • lets you introduce your very-own mobile app with m-commerce functionality
  • makes smart devices even smarter
  • complements your catalogues and print advertisements

Introducing IIRS by AustAR Labs


Developed by AustAR Labs in Melbourne, it is an intelligent and intuitive cloud-based service that is integrated into your customised mobile app.

It’s now available to businesses who want a new way to engage with their (time-poor) customers through mobile technology, and give them a quick and convenient way to access and buy products through their smart phones.

IIRS features

  • Lightening-quick response
  • Uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse images being searched
  • Operates on cloud server
  • Can store and interrogate over 100,000 images in the databases at any one time
  • Complete reporting for business intelligence and analytics

To explain how it works, let’s look at this (fictitious) Use Case.

Use Case: Hardy’s Hardware (HH)

Business requirement: To build and launch a mobile app that customers can use to conveniently browse and purchase products. The mobile app is to complement monthly catalogues and print advertisements.

Key drivers: In addition to the website, HH wants to use mobile technology to give its customer a faster and more convenient way to search and buy its products. It also wants to attract new customers and take market-share away from its nearest competitor.

The solution: HH engages AustAR Labs to build a mobile app (with IIRS) for Apple and Android. They aggressively market the mobile app to their customers and competitors’ customers.

When a customer receives a HH catalogue, they launch the HH mobile app and point their phone camera at any page of the catalogue.

The HH mobile app scans the page that the phone camera is pointed at. IIRS immediately interrogates the database, finds a match and displays all the products that are on that catalogue page right on the customer’s phone. All this happens within a few seconds from the time the app scans the page.

The customer can then tap a product to get more information. They can then securely and conveniently purchase products via the app and have them delivered the next day. Everybody wins.

No longer do HH customers have to switch on a computer, browse to the HH website, search for the products and then buy online … which can take forever.

Just three taps to buy

Now it takes just three taps on the HH mobile app for a customer to buy.
TAP 1: The customer taps to launch the app. They scan the catalogue page that has a product they are interested in. They immediately receive on their phone a list of that product and others that on that catalogue page.
Tap 2: The customer taps on the product they are interested in to get more information.
Tap 3: The customer taps the buy now button, chooses the quantities and submits for secure delivery.

Note: This Use Case is fictitious. Any resemblance to a real business is purely coincidental.

Benefits for your business

  • Quickly create and implement a mobile app with IIRS and m-Commerce functionality
  • Quick and accurate delivery of product information to the customer’s phone means the customer spends less time on other channels searching for the same products
  • Easy to integrate with your existing systems means no costly development for you and seamless transfer of information from your systems to IIRS
  • Your mobile app can also display videos and 3D models of products

Who can benefit from IIRS?

Any business with a wide range of products who wants to engage its customers using mobile technology, particularly businesses in these sectors:

  • Real Estate
  • FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Print Media

Contact us for a demo

As with any new technology, a personal demonstration can give you a true sense of how it works.

Please either call Steve on 0413 530 305 or send him an email to set up a 30 minute informal meeting.

He can show you this amazing technology and discuss how you can implement it to gain an immediate competitive advantage in your industry.

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