Handy tips for launching your AR campaign

Implementing an AR-enabled marketing campaign can be quite challenging. Here are some quick tips to make your campaign worthwhile.

Connecting with customers on deeper level is perhaps the biggest challenges faced by businesses these days. Every business across the globe is experimenting with new ways for establishing lasting relationships with customers. And, technology happens to help businesses achieve this goal.

AR is one of the best examples of how technology can help businesses drive sales and build a strong brand loyalty. This technology helps overlay digital content with real world objects to provide end-users with an immersive experience. All one requires is a smart phone, wearable device or tablet to experience augmented reality.

Marker-based AR

Marker-based AR

Today, there are various types of AR-based applications available in the market. These include marker based, markerless and location based apps.

Businesses are using AR to add a new layer of interactivity to print ads, user manuals, billboards and lot more. This allows customers to have complete control over things they interact with. As soon as you project the application (opened in camera mode), print ads come to life. Customers can view hidden messages and promotional offers.

All this helps improve brand recall value and even increases conversion rates.

When it comes to developing and launching AR-based marketing campaigns, businesses need to consider these handy hints.

Being simple helps

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

It does not make sense to make things complicated for your customers. As an upcoming technology, AR can be difficult to use. Therefore, your aim should be to educate your customers in the simplest way.

Customers love simple things. Offer complete guidance regarding how to use the application and view interactive content. Remember, no matter how good your AR app is if customers don’t find it easy to use, your entire efforts will go in vain.

It’s all about making the experience easier and simpler. Make sure you provide clear answers to these questions:

  • How to hold the phone while pointing towards the print ad?
  • Does the screen need to be filled with product logo or whole box?
  • Will they be redirected to your company’s website?

Tell your customers what exactly they need to do and how. User experience matters the most. They will be able to connect with your brand instantly.

Updating content is equally important

Once you develop an AR application, make sure to update the content on a regular basis. It’s all about offering users with meaningful AR experiences.

Your customers will be bored to death if you show them the same thing again and again. With time, your content needs to change keeping in mind customers’ preferences and needs. This way, customer will be able to associate with your brand regularly.

Give them something new every time and they will keep coming back.

Don’t miss out on ‘Call to Action’

Call to action

Have a call to action

Businesses often spend a good amount of money on building AR campaigns only to realise it does not work. Why? Well, most businesses forget to include what is known as ‘Call to Action’ in their campaigns.

It’s nice to include flashy graphics, 3D models, images and videos to create immersive experiences for your customers but it’s equally imperative to persuade them to take the next step, i.e. try out your product or service.

Not including ‘Call to Action’ in your campaign will confuse your customers.

Promotion matters

You must have spent lots of resources in building that breath-taking AR campaign. But how do you ensure that the world at large knows about it?

Well, you will have to promote that using various channels. Create a website, Facebook page, share the word on Twitter, do some PR etc. All this will help generate a good ROI.

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For your AR campaign to work for your brand, it’s important to consider the above discussed basic points. So, next time you are planning a campaign, get AustAR Labs involved.

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