Google Glass leads the wearable tech revolution

With the progress of wearable technology, new wearable devices are being developed in quick succession. However, Google Glass occupies the leading position when it comes to wearable devices.

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The other players which are there are following Google Glass in the race. The wearable tech revolution is being lead by Google, but the company also needs the support of other companies to push forward its wearable platforms like Android Wear.

Google Glass is being used in different sectors in partnership with other companies to bring out the best features and to provide consumers with a unique experience.

Google Glass at work

Google Glass might not be a huge success when it comes to use on streets or in cafes, but it works absolutely fine at offices and work sites.

Glass at Work, a program of Google is dedicated to work for enterprise applications.

Augmedix is the partner of Glass at Work and it is expanding rapidly as its study on clinical documentation and the software is drawing funds. This will make Google Glass a typical tool for physicians.

A study by Augmedix showed that 99% of their patients who were surveyed were comfortable with the use of Google Glass by their doctors during consultations. Through funding, the startup has raised $3.2 million and has got 36 new employees, thereby increasing its workforce.

Another Google Glass startup, Wearable Intelligence has also been successful in bringing these smart glasses in the healthcare sector. The company has seen to it that there is no violation of any FDA or HIPAA regulations while using this wearable device. Doctors are already finding these smart glasses helpful when it comes to checking their patients.

Full potential of Google Glass yet to be attained

Google Glass is yet to attain its full potential. It requires more than software so that wearers can get the best out of this wearable device.

Thalmic Labs is trying to provide users of the smart glasses with more controlling power. The Myo armband of this company interprets hand and arm gestures and changes them into an input which the smart glasses can read.

The company has created software prototype which joins the gesture-sourced data with the software of the Google Glass.

More companies should work on creating such software which can help in realising the full potential of Google Glass in the future.

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