Does your 2016 digital marketing plan include AR?

The New Year is fast approaching, and marketers are being asked to push the envelope (and spreadsheet columns) on 2016’s marketing campaigns.

As we consider channels and tactics for 2016’s marketing spend, we have to acknowledge that, as Gartner puts it, “digital marketing is now marketing in a digital world.”

While offline marketing materials like print, merchandise, and point of sale may be impactful in person, customers now expect a seamless experience from the physical to mobile and digital.

AR can help connect the dots. Bring traditional marketing into the digital age and:

  • Create interactive print
  • Measure offline marketing
  • Drive customers directly to the digital point of sale

Creating AR campaigns is easier than you may think, according to Social Media Marketing Sydney. Download this free e-book prepared by Aurasma and HP and find out how marketers can shorten the path to purchase, drive brand engagement, and add measurability to their offline marketing activities.

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