Crowdfunding campaign for Interactive AR Business Card

The BleamCard, which is the interactive augmented reality business card, was unveiled in December during LeWeb13. But it has already become quite successful.

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So, Ubleam, the startup based in Toronto, which is behind the development of the card, is launching a Crowd funding campaign for hastening the product promotion and emphasizing the viral phenomenon. The campaign is being run on Indiegogo platform. The traditional business card has been given an interactive twist with the BleamCard.

More about BleamCard

New marketing and commercial opportunities are provided to the users of this interactive business card. The bleam, which is an interactive logo can be printed on your business card or incorporated to your mailbox. The bleam acts a bridge between your digital content and the paper support. People get interested for a meeting and the conversation becomes a fun filled one with augmented reality. Your picture with the technology makes the card an interactive one.

How does the AR Business Card work?

You need to scan the BleamCard with the Ubleam mobile app and you will be able to see augmented reality in action. When you scan with the app, you will be able to view augmented reality for iOS and Android devices, whereas for Windows phone and Blackberry, you will be able to see the contact list. Your skills, your network and product will be displayed directly on your smartphone device. If you want to update your information or monitor the time and place of the consultation of your BleamCard, you can do so through a web platform.

Features of the BleamCard

Instant Augmented Reality

In less than 5 seconds of scanning the card with the Ubleam app, augmented reality comes into view. The ‘Cover’ of the car which represents the picture, appears after scanning. High-speed design is possible with this technology and it provides a visual memorizing of the contact.

Full Customization of the Card

The card can be customized as per your requirements. Right from choosing the pattern and design of the card to the logo that will be in the front side of the card, to the content in the card, you can customize everything.

Constant Modification of the Contents

You can modify the content regularly on your business card. You can track the card, measure the effect of the meeting you have with others. This is possible with the real time consultation of profiles, visits and geo-location of scans.

The BleamCard can turn out to be a powerful marketing tool for your business. The Crowdfunding campaign had started on 22 April 2014 and will continue until 6 June 2014. You can fund the project and get perks in return, depending on the amount you fund.

Are you planning to have an AR business card for your business? If so, then give us a shout on how we can male it possible for your business.

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