B2B Marketers must embrace mobile

In a recent thought-provoking piece in Forbes, contributor Daniel Newman intelligently explained why B2B marketers must begin to embrace the growing trend that is mobile marketing.

As we near the last few months of 2014, if mobile Internet usage trends stay on the same track, this will be the year that mobile usage surpasses desktop once and for all.

There are a multitude of ways in which B2B marketers can embrace mobile such as mobile apps, social media, podcasts, online article marketing, and digital media.

However, ensuring your website is mobile compatible and that your visitors consider it to be “mobile friendly” is essential above all else, Newman proposes.

“If I were to tell you that 96% of consumers have encountered a mobile website that wasn’t deemed as mobile friendly would that surprise you?” Newman asks. “It shouldn’t, because in a recent Search Engine Watch piece it stated that not only had most people run into non-friendly mobile experiences online, but that by in large, most people want a mobile friendly site, are more likely to return to a mobile friendly site and may not come back if they feel that the mobile experience is bad.”

By finding creative ways to engage consumers via the mobile suggestions above, B2B marketers can still maintain their level of professionalism while remaining relevant in the modern connected world.
“Bottom line is this,” the author concludes, “B2B’s can no longer hope for their buyer to find them on the PC or Laptop because that isn’t the way things are going. Therefore our mobile presence must evolve with it, and as doctors like to say…STAT!”

To check out the full article – it really is a must-read..

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