AustAR Labs creates AR 3D prototype app

AustAR Labs has created an AR 3D prototype app for Quantum Living.

Quantum Living, an architectural firm, has a fabulously innovative idea for home designs.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of their designs – truly amazing.

Quantum Living home concept

Quantum Living home concept

They are super keen to use AR to showcase their designs in 3D (on smart devices) to investors and prospective customers. And they asked AustAR Labs to create a prototype that gave them a sense of how the technology works and how it can be used.

The prototype app has been built for Android. The app, when launched, displays the 3D model of the property right on the printed image. The user can either rotate the printed image or slide their fingers on the screen to rotate the 3D model.

AR 3D render on image

AR 3D render on image

The app also allows the user to point the smart device onto vacant land and see how the property will look at a location.

“Quantum Living wants to add several other features to the app such as the ability to change the exterior colours on the building and being able to split the building apart and see the inside, amongst many other features,” said Steve Thakur, CEO of AustAR Labs. “We expect to have a fully functional app ready for them within a few weeks.”

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At AustAR Labs, we’d love to hear what you think of this remarkable technology.

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