Architecture Graduate turns iconic London building into an AR game

Edward Mascarenhas, an architecture graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture, has turned London’s Barbican Estate into the setting for a proposed AR game.

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The game, titled ‘Barbecana’ was created as part of Mascarenhas’ thesis project. He has reimagined and transformed the Barbican into the setting of his game in order to achieve a better understanding on the construction as well as the architectural environments.

In the game, players compete against each other by collecting virtual items and materials in order to build better structures, as well as bridges for the building. The project creates a fully immersive video game environment that overlays the actual Barbican building. Mascarenhas also added digital obstacles.

“It [The Barbican] is a very unique space which is completely under-valued and is suited to be re-appropriated without physically transforming it,” Mascarenhas says.

“This is the essence of the project, the ability for augmented reality to be more than a simple graphical overlay, to speculate on how such technologies could be used to radically transform the atmosphere of the built environment without physically altering the space.”

The full AR version of the game has not yet been completed, but there is a simplified board game version.

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