AR promotions of Captain America & Spider Man

Digital campaigns are being created to promote the movies that are going to be released in the upcoming days. Movies like Spider Man and Captain America are being promoted with AR technology so that a good buzz is generated among the people and they come to watch the movies when they finally hit the theaters.

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Fans are already eagerly waiting for these blockbusters to release. With these promotions, they will be able to know more about these movies in an interactive way.

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Campaign for Spider Man

There are two campaigns for Spider Man, based on this amazing technology. The first one is a mobile phone photo sharing campaign which is also web-based. It is known as ‘Caught on Camera’ and requires fans to upload photos to the site. They can then manipulate those photos with Spider Man’s images. They will also get a chance to have their photo featured in Times Square by sharing those images on Instagram with the #SpideySighting hashtag.

Another campaign uses an augmented reality app which has been created by Kellogg’s, which is one of the promotional partners of the film. The app is available for iOS only and is known as “Kellogg’s The Amazing Spider Man 2, Web Slinging Game”. Customers need to use the AR tracker to scan Kellogg’s products which have a Spider Man movie theme.

There are many levels which can be unlocked by playing mini-games that are set to the background environment of your phone. There is also a Spidey costume creator which will let fans dress up like Spider Man and share the images with their friends.

You will get a short video as you unlock each of the three levels. You can do so by using the triggers that are available on the packaging of Kellogg’s. The video features some unique clips which will be exclusively available to you with the AR app.

Campaign for Captain America

This augmented reality app from Marvel Entertainment is a simple one and is named The Captain America Winter Soldier Experience. This app is also available for iOS users only. It uses AR tracking to activate a 3D image of Captain America breaking through one of the two posters of the movie.

Fans can click a picture when the image is activated and share it with their friends. Unfortunately, this is the lone augmented effect that the fans will be able to see. There are no extra videos or even film stills which can provide the fans with more opportunity to interact with Captain America assets.

It comes as a disappointment from Marvel Entertainment, as they have already integrated augmented reality extensively in their comic using the Marvel AR app.

Movie promotions have changed significantly over the past few years. With advancements in the mobile technology, new digital campaigns are now being created which increases the user interaction and at the same time encourages them to share with their friends, thereby creating a good buzz.

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