AR – Is it a strategic technology?

Augmented reality has overcome limitations in technology and now as more devices have developed, its use has become widespread in different sectors. Smartphones, tablets and now wearable devices make use of this technology to create an immersive world.

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According to leading market researchers like Juniper Research, Gartner, Markets & Markets, augmented reality is one of the top 10 strategic technologies and its market is estimated to reach $5 billion and above by 2016.

There are good possibilities of the use of AR in sectors like training, education, service healthcare, infotainment and more.

Use in Automotive Industry

Augmented reality can prove to be a great help for low skilled technicians in maintenance operations and services. The technology can be used in garages and workshops for providing repair services.

Productivity of the workshop technicians can also be increased. Integration of augmented reality with other technological developments like Heads-up Displays, cloud, camera technology, image processing, etc. can be of immense help in the automotive industry.

Use in Education

The use of AR in education can transform the education system significantly.

Education will become experimental with smart devices and this amazing technology. Kids will be able to learn better when they find reading to be an interactive process.

With characters coming to life as relevant books are scanned with different AR apps, children will find more interest in reading. Teachers will also be able to use such apps in their classroom to improve education standards.

Use in Retail

AR is used extensively in retail. Retailers use this technology to draw the attention of the consumers towards their products and increase the chances of sales.

Right from virtual trial rooms to applying virtual makeup, everything is possible with retail. If the consumers can feel a product before purchase, they will be able to make the right purchasing decision and end up buying it.

The use of this strategic technology is also seen extensively in real estate, healthcare and fashion industry.

With the evolution of this technology, it is becoming easier to integrate digital content with that of real world content seamlessly. Augmented reality is available for use for all types of businesses and it is high time for organizations to understand its importance and use it as a key marketing tool.

What do you think?

Do you think AR is a strategic technology? What uses of AR do you like the best? Share your views in the comments below.

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