Launch your mobile app & engage with your members

Exciting, new mobile app technology

gets you engaging with your young member segment

  • use exciting new mobile technology to create a new way of engaging, communicating with your young members
  • change young members’ brand perception of super and your super fund
  • create a new communications channel
  • deliver communications to members in a manner they trust and respond to
  • improve campaigns and communication response rates
  • save on communications costs
  • differentiate
  • exceed your Member Retention KPIs

Why are super funds hesitating launching a mobile app?

After speaking with many super funds, we understand they’re hesitating launching a mobile app because they are unsure of adoption rates, how to integrate the app into their communication strategy and the value that it will bring to all their members.

So at AustAR Labs, we are introducing new technology to super funds and a simple idea to help them overcome this challenge.

Instead of releasing an app that simply replicates your website, first make it into a new communications channel.

And instead of releasing it to the entire membership, we believe the place to start is with your young member segment. These are members under age 30. They’re the ones who will be most responsive to you launching a mobile app, that’s built on this exciting new technology.

But it has to be done properly and strategically, and we discuss it in some detail below.

You can:

  • develop a mobile app using new technology that AustAR Labs brings to the super industry, purposefully designed for your young member segment (this is your primary target segment)
  • wow them, capture their attention as soon as they launch the app for the first time
  • push relevant messages and campaigns via the app, and
  • provide access to secure member services later

Once they are engaged, they will continue to actively use the app as they move through their lifestages with your super fund.

Overcoming the challenge

Engaging younger members is one of the greatest challenges facing all superannuation funds.

The under-30 segment:

  • is disengaged with super
  • sees their super fund as being out of touch, boring and conservative
  • has no loyalty towards their super fund
  • thinks email is so yesterday
  • is not at all interested in snail mail, and
  • live on their smart phones.

Put simply, they don’t respond to any communication messages that super funds go to great lengths and expense to prepare and send by conventional means.

The solution

There is exciting and remarkable new technology available to super funds that can be used to ‘WOW’ this technology-hungry segment.

It’s called Augmented Reality (AR), which AustAR Labs specialises in.

You can find out more about AR and how it works in this blog on our website.

With AR, you can:

  • wow them and capture their attention with something ‘cool’ when they install your app
  • change their perception of super and of super funds
  • keep them engaged constantly with creative campaigns that have more cut-through
  • educate and guide them through the confusing world of superannuation

Launch Adopt Engage Loyalty

How it could work for you

For this to work, you first need an AR-enabled mobile (or smart device) app, that we will build for you.

This isn’t an ordinary mobile app. It’s an AR-enabled app that can deliver creative content to smart phones in addition to all other functionality that you as a super fund would want your members to access.

Developing and launching the AR mobile app must be supported by a strategy for take-up.

Take-up is critical and we have some simple but great ideas on how you could maximise adoption, and we’d love to share these with you.

After all, we want your members to not only install the app but also use it regularly.

What will your AR mobile app do?

The AR mobile app opens up several engagement possibilities for your members and for your super fund.

You can:

  • first create a new channel for mobile engagement that young members will love and respond to
  • display relevant multi-media content followed by strong calls to action
  • capture and store their user preferences
  • ping rich, personalised and relevant messages to the app and track the response to each
  • deliver this information right into members’ palms
  • rollout creative campaigns in the future and improve response rates
  • add functionality in the future by integrating the app with your website and secure member site, and
  • give email and expensive snail mail the flick


Three reasons why you will succeed with AR

  1. You’ve captured the attention of the segment, that’s the hardest to reach, by wowing them with technology that they love
  2. Now that you have their attention, they will respond to messages you send to them in the future, and
  3. You have managed to shift brand perception – you are no longer seen as boring and out-of-touch with this segment

Three benefits to super funds

  1. Engagement, loyalty and advocacy from the under 30 segment = exceeding your Member Retention KPIs
  2. Better response rates to campaigns and communications
  3. Reduction in costs as all future communications can be sent/pinged out via the AR mobile app.

Functional prototype at work

Augmented Reality prototype mobile app for UniSuper from AustAR Labs on Vimeo.

Contact us

We would love to demonstrate this functional prototype to you in person.

Steve, who has over 20 years experience in the corporate super industry, will take you through the adoption strategy and discuss creative ways in which you could use this to great benefit.

Contact Steve today on 0413 530 305 or send him an email.

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