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Deliver exceptional value to Vendors, Buyers and Agency Directors through your very own mobile app

There’s new, emerging mobile technology available to your Real Estate Agents that:

  • you can sell to all Vendors as a new marketing tool with a BIG WOW FACTOR
  • will give you a competitive advantage over other Real Estate Agencies
  • can bring in substantial additional revenue for your Agency

How does it work?

AustAR Labs will build for your Agency a mobile app, on Augmented Reality technology, compatible with iOS and Android.

You can provide the mobile app to all your offices and franchises.

Your agents can encourage all prospective buyers they meet to install the app onto their smart phones – for free.

Your mobile app then immediately becomes a channel for engagement and communication with property buyers. It’s a new way to engage with buyers that saves you time and therefore money.

Through your app, you can:

  • capture buyers’ details and the type of properties that they are interested in
  • push messages out to them about new listings, or any updates to properties they are already interested in, and
  • get them to interact with the properties you are selling in a cool, exciting and captivating manner.


When a buyer visits one of your properties they are interested in, they simply launch the app and point it at either the board outside the house or the brochure they have received.

View property and house through app

1. Buyer views property and board through the app

If they are outside the house, then the app recognises the board and calls the GPS coordinates of the property to present the buyer with information about that property. The board becomes an interactive board.


2. Buyer experiences interactive board, with video about that property

Through this interactive experience, they get to engage with the property in a new and exciting manner. The impact and impression cast on the buyer is invaluable.

The [interactive] board literally comes alive, presenting the buyer with either a video of the house, a 3-D render or a 360 degree birdseye view of the property, right on their smart phone and in the palms of their hands.

You and the vendor decide what you want to show the buyer at this stage.

When the video finishes, the app becomes a clever system of engagement, where the buyer can view floorplans, photos, register their interest in the property or contact the agent.


3. After video finishes, app provides the buyer with more functions

Once installed, the same buyer can go to another one of your properties, launch your app and point their smart phone at that board. The app provides them information specific to that property through that interactive board.

How is that possible? Because the app picks up the GPS coordinates of the second property and serves information only about that property.

This functionality allows your agency to serve numerous properties to the one app, from a secure integration link to your systems and web servers.

AR app operational diagram

Operational diagram

How the app can boost revenue for your agency

Once AustAR Labs has developed, tested and launched your app for you, you can then sell the app (as an interactive marketing concept) to your vendors as an additional, highly effective marketing tool.

Vendors can choose whether to have their properties marketed via the app, in addition to all other marketing strategies that you propose.

The vendors pay for this additional marketing tool and what you charge them is entirely up to you.

You may choose to set a fixed price for all vendors or a variable pricing strategy that is based on the value of the property you are selling. The choice is yours.

AustAR Labs will not impose limitations on what you charge your vendors nor on the number of properties you serve through the app.

What will the app cost?

We will build a bespoke solution for you.

The cost of building the app depends on several factors, including the extent of your requirements, your server configuration and staff training needs.

There will be an upfront fee under a three (3) year licence that will cover:

      • needs and requirements gathering and analysis
      • development of the apps for iOS & Android
      • integration and user acceptance testing
      • release across your offices/franchises
      • assistance with a communications/launch plan, and
      • creating training aids.

We estimate a three month duration for the build, which we will manage as a formal project, reporting to you as the Project Sponsor.

Following the build, there will be monthly maintenance fee payable by each office that adopts the app. This fee will cover all updates necessary to maintain the apps so that they remain compatible with the latest releases of iOS and Android.

We will provide you an estimate once we have a better understanding of all your requirements.

How quickly can the agency breakeven?

The answer to this question depends on the number of agents who can sell this app to the number of vendors, as an additional marketing tool, and fees you charge them.

After you break even, future sales are pure profit to the agency.

Contact us now

This is new technology that is available right now to the Real Estate Industry.

Agencies that recognises its potential and make the first move will have significant competitive advantage over their competitors. It’s a fabulous point of differentiation.

AustAR Labs has created a functional prototype that shows this remarkable technology at work. It’s a must see to appreciate its full potential.

So don’t wait a moment longer, contact Steve now on 0413 530 305 or send him an email.

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