AR in education

AR in Education

  • Make learning and teaching fun
  • Encourage collaborative learning
  • Increase class participation, improve student grades
  • Promote AR technology effectiveness to Parents

Mr David Garner, in his talk on TED, brings to our attention that way in which education is delivered in classrooms hasn’t really changed much over two centuries.

He advocates creating an environment in class that encourages collaborative learning. That is, students learning from each other through controlled activities.

AR for your school

AR for education services are for forward-thinking schools who are open to introducing new technologies into their classrooms that supports collaborative learning.

We work with these forward-thinking schools to transform the way in which Language, Maths, Science, History and Thinking & Reasoning curriculum is delivered to students by creating it in the AR-framework.

It completely removes the need for traditional paper-based teaching methods.

In Our work, you’ll see the first classroom exercise prototype in ‘Analogies’ that AustAR Labs has developed in collaboration with the Jackson School in Melbourne.

Suitable for

  • All schools (including schools for children with special needs)
  • Teachers
  • Parents

Engage us

Schools that want to discuss how AR-based learning can be introduced in classrooms are encouraged to contact us.

We can discuss the solutions we have created and how they benefit your students. You will then be able to decide on the types of lessons you would like developed for your students.

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